Coin master is a free-to-play game developed by Moon active where the main goal of players is to collect coins. With the help of these coins, they can build villages and upgrade different items. Spinning and winning is the main aspect to which players should pay appropriate attention. They can also attack the villages of other players and also raid the fortune of other players. After building a village, players can build more to make progress. Collecting cards can also help players to move to the next villages in no time.

No need to make a lot of strategies to play this game because it has relaxing gameplay and cool graphics. Beginners just need to focus on the use of coins because it has great importance. Try to buy shields to protect your villages and earn multiply to be a coin master.

Tips to earn coins

Gaining a huge amount of coins is important because without having enough coins, nobody can build villages or do other tasks. Coins are the main currency that players need to earn by putting their best possible efforts. To know how to earn coins quickly, you should read the points that have been underlined.

  • Watch videos – Many advertisement videos have been offered by developers for gamers. With the help of watching these videos, players can earn a good amount of coins in no time. It is also the easiest method to earn coins as compared to the other traditional methods.
  • Take part in events – Players need to take part in the special events to earn a significant amount of coins. Perform better to complete these events quickly and to win a good number of coins to build villages.
  • Raid other players – Coins can be acquired easily by raiding other players. The opponents can also attack your village, so you need to protect it. By gaining a huge number of coins, you can use them to build better villages as compared to other players.

Many other methods can be found to earn coins, and you need to keep them in mind. Collect loads of coins to level up quickly and reach the advanced stages in no time.

Learn how to get started

When you start playing the game, then you will be provided with 75000 coins in your account. First of all, you need to invest 60000 coins to buy a village. After this, build various structures in your village to get stars. Earning 20 stars can help players to move to the next villages to build other structures. Connect the game with your Facebook account to grab some amazing bonuses. And it will help to enjoy many perks that you are really looking for.

Now, you can see a slot machine for which you will get some free spins. Make the use of spins and try your luck with the slot machine. Every hour, you will get some free spins that can be used for winning exciting rewards.

Claim daily bonuses

Players shouldn’t miss the opportunity to claim daily bonuses offered by the developers. To get all the bonuses, they don’t need to play the game regularly. All they need to do is log in to the game once in a day to claim the rewards. Never forget to open the game on a daily basis because it helps to get a good number of coins. Collect your coins and spins and then use them to build your villages. Upgrade your villages smartly to get several benefits. Try to get a good number of coins and then upgrade the entire village in one go to save your time.