Coin master, a casual game with amazing gameplay, can make your game experience interesting. The game has reached the top in most played games. Your strategies should be strong to be a coin master. Raid other players and take part in different events to win a significant amount of coins. You will also have to deal with spins that can help to play the slot machine. With the help of a slot machine, players can acquire a good amount of coins as well as other rewards.

Get some free spins every hour that can be used to get extra benefits while playing the game. Make sure you have enough coins to build villages and make all other upgrades. Protect your village and try to earn the maximum number of stars to make progress faster. Build more villages and try to make them better as compared to the villages of other players.

Spin and win

Spinning is also the main aspect that helps players to win amazing rewards. A slot machine will be displayed in the game where you can make use of spins to win different rewards. Here, you can get various types of rewards like coins, pets, abilities, powers, etc. The outcome of the machine will decide the prize that you will get. Using all these rewards in the right manner, you can build better villages. Spinning will also increase your jackpots.  Having a significant amount of spins will help you to try your luck again and again. It will increase your chances of getting a lot of precious items.

Link your account with Facebook

Connecting the game account with Facebook can help players to enjoy several perks. You will never lose your progress because you can save it with the help of Facebook. You will also get a chance to invite your friends to play the game. Players can also get many free rewards after linking the account with Facebook. You shouldn’t skip this step because it can help players to get numerous benefits. Try to get the best out of the perks offered by game developers to enjoy the game in a better way. Send and receive gifts from your Facebook friends and increase your chances of being a winner.

Collect the cards

Card collection is also a crucial aspect to which players need to pay appropriate attention. Without collecting cards, players can’t acquire chests. First of all, players need to reach level 3 to unlock all the collectibles. The card can be acquired by leveling up or with the help of chests. Collect all of these cards and make a great collection of them. Later, you have an option to exchange all these cards for getting a reward chest. During the events, you can get these chests that offer amazing rewards. Focus on this aspect and build different villages to be a coin master.

Outcomes of slot machine

When you spin the slot machine, then you can see the different outcomes that will decide your rewards. You can get a hammer, shield, or a pig face. The rewards will be credited to your account accordingly. Hammer will give you the power to attack others’ villages. You can choose one or more villages to attack as per your desire. On the other hand, if you will get a shield, then it means you can protect your villages from the opponents. The shield can be used to survive only for one attack, so keep this thing in mind while using it.

Make sure you are using all the tips effectively to make progress faster and build better villages than the other players.