Coin master is a trending game with easy gameplay and amazing graphics. The main goal of players is to utilize the coins in an effective manner with the help of a virtual slot machine and many other methods. Players should also collect spins to level up faster and to try their luck at spinning. By spending spins, players can get many rewards in the form of shield, coins, and attacks. Earning coins is not only the motive of players because the game also includes some city-building elements.

Coins can be used to build different structures in the city and upgrading several items. Build an entire city and then move to the next one. You can upgrade various items in the city one by one, or you can also spend a huge amount of coins on upgrading it in one go.

  1. Complete a mini-game

Playing mini-game requires a huge amount of gold, so you need to be careful. Mini-game is considered as a side quest that players can complete to get free coins. The importance of coins shouldn’t be ignored because these are required for several purposes. Perform better during these mini-games because you will get free coins accordingly. The mini-games work on the scoring system that means the more score you can get, the better rewards you will achieve. Complete a mini-game in your village and then get the rewards to make progress faster.

  1. Check the status of coins

It is important to check the number of coins you have before going to try your luck at spinning. According to the outcome of the slot machine, you can take your steps forward. If you get a chance to attack other villages, then your village may also get attacked. And that’s why you need to know the status of the number of coins you have. Without having enough coins, you may stay at the same level for a long time, which is really annoying. Nobody wants to make it happen, and that’s why they need to restock the coins before going to try their luck at the slot machine.

  1. Never waste your time

When the slot machine’s outcome is a pig, then you will get a chance to steal coins from the other villages. In this situation, you will get a limited time to do this that you should never waste. Always remember one thing that coins have a significant role, and if you are losing the opportunity to steal them, then you are going on the wrong track. Make the optimum use of provided time and steal coins from other villages. Always tap on the right spot to collect coins instead of wasting your time on unnecessary things. Using this tip can help the players to speed up their progress.

  1. Obtain pets

While playing the game, your task is not only limited to raiding other villages or collecting coins. There are many other things to do. Pets are also out there that players need to obtain. Every pet has some unique features that you need to check at least once. You can obtain these pets after reaching a specific stage, and then they will help to get different rewards. Foxy can help you to get raid rewards. Tiger offers attack rewards, whereas rhino will block the attacks. Players also have an option to level up these pets by using experience points. These points are obtained mainly from the spinning, card collection as well as different events.

After knowing these tactics, anybody can reach the advanced stages in no time and without hassles. Try out all these tips and improve your chances to be a coin master.